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As an application specific designer, ASIT looks for challenges in bringing new and innovative technologies and solutions to projects. Our Out-of-Box thinking keeps us agile and helps our clients achieve their goals in developing multi tier energy solutions for their projects.

ASIT offers an array of application specific services ranging from Hydrogen Fuel Cells to Solar Water Pumping and Irrigation. Our solar engines can provide a steady flow of clean, high quality, dependable power for a wide range of remote and hazardous applications. Our solar systems are completely self-sufficient and significantly reduce installation costs and, maintenance charges.

Our systems are also built to tough standards and designed to function in even the most extreme climates and environments, ranging from desert heat to the arctic cold. They are complete stand-alone systems which provide power to crucial equipment in remote locations for industrial, telecom, security, and oil & gas applications. Each Solar Engine comes as a complete, ready to install system.

We have integrated and designed systems using various products and technologies resulting in a unique system solution that fits army applications. We invite you to discuss your projects with us.

ASIT offers application specific services in following areas:

• Hydrogen Fuel Cells
• Hybrid Wind and Solar for Remote Telecom Locations
• Solar Water Pumping for Desalination and Irrigation