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The differentiator of ASIT’s technical expertise is that we do not have a “one solution fits all” approach. Each project is designed and customized for your particular home.

The system that we design, build, and commission, sets us apart from the rest of the industry in cost competitiveness and performance.

While understanding as how you use electricity throughout the day, we design a system based on your lifestyle and energy consumptions. ASIT deploys the highest quality of PV modules with latest in power electronics (Inverters and Optimizers). We integrate the latest technologies in solar + Battery and EV charging equipment which will expand system capabilities for the years to come.

Our extended warranties are best in class with 25 years on PV modules, and 12 years on power electronics and 10 years on Batteries and the Balance of System.

Financing is available through third party financial firms and can offer consumers a variety of financing options to choose from.