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    • Blue Planet Energy is making the promise of grid independence a reality. With scalable Blue Ion energy platform, we enable safe, resilient, clean energy to be delivered through distributed smart energy storage and microgrids. Our energy storage systems are used by both businesses and homeowners to provide energy security, independence from the utility grid and to drive the increased use of renewable power generation.

    • Meet Blue Ion HI. Blue Planet Energy’s most universal, premium low-voltage battery system for those who desire a flexible and superior energy storage experience.  As a premium pairing for any inverter, the Blue Ion HI is inverter-friendly as well as generation source agnostic – effortlessly storing energy from a range of sources including but not limited to solar PV, the electrical grid, and generators. Installation options include flush bolted stacking both horizontally and vertically for a sleek look while doubling storage capacity within the same footprint.

      Blue Planet Energy solutions, Blue Ion Technology delivers safety through a benign battery chemistry and an intelligent architecture, as well as an unmatched 15-year performance warranty. The reliability of a rugged and durable high-end enclosure system rounds out the five-star energy storage experience.

      Introducing Blue Ion LX. Grid Optional️™ Integrated Energy Solution.

      The Blue Ion LX from Blue Planet Energy is a scalable premium grid-optional energy storage solution that integrates a wide range of energy sources to power businesses and critical infrastructure independent of, or in conjunction with, the utility grid.

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