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Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant is ideal for a wide variety of markets and applications – spanning industrial, institutional, and utility customers. It can deliver efficient, reliable, economical power where it is needed – without the emissions that harm the environment.

States seeking to secure cleaner energy sources are creating standards to mandate that utilities provide a certain amount of their electricity from renewable and/or ultra clean sources such as Hydrogen Fuel Cell products operating on natural gas. Using single or multiple configurations, the Fuel Cell Power Plant provides reliable on-site power to meet requirements ranging from 5.0 KW to 400 kW to multi-megawatt in multi-unit sites.

  • With several installations around the globe, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plants have been proven time and time again in the field, providing reliable & economical power when and where it is needed. Markets and Applications include the following:

    Food & Beverage Processing, Hospitals, & Wastewater Treatment, Colleges, Universities, hotels, Manufacturing:

    • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
    • Biogas operation
    • Grid parallel
    • Backup power support