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Energy Auditing and Benchmarking

Read About Our Commitment to Energy Star Ratings

Understanding the energy use of your building is important just as it’s useful to know the estimated (mpg) for your automobile. Energy costs can represent as much as one-third of a typical office building’s operating expenses. The EPA estimates that energy use in a building can be reduced by up to 30% by adopting a comprehensive energy management strategy and by investing in cost-effective technologies. Energy management benefits extend well beyond dollar savings and include increased property and shareholder value, enhanced tenant/guest satisfaction, and improved corporate image. Leading companies are saving millions of dollars annually as a result of their proactive energy management efforts. Advanced Solar Integration Technologies can help your business develop a cost-effective energy management strategy & begin to reduce your operating costs immediately.

Save More, Use Less & Earn the Energy Star

  • Save More, Use Less, and Earn the ENERGY STAR. Energy Star is the national symbol for energy efficiency in America. More than 50 different kinds of products, as well as thousands of new homes and commercial & industrial facilities, have earned the ENERGY STAR for superior energy performance. Earning the ENERGY STAR is evidence of your organization’s commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. 

  • Advanced Solar Integration Technologies has the tools and resources to help you measure the energy use of your building and compare your buildings with other similar buildings. ASIT provides comprehensive reports detailing the results of our assessment as well as specific recommendations for energy management strategies to decrease your operating costs.